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2.4. Passengers

The passengers of the trolleybuses come from all layers of the population, as in in every other city. Whether pupil, worker, employee, pensioner and other calling, sooner or later everyone rides the trolleybus, even if only because the car is in the workshop.

Fare dodgers (riding without tickets) are also considerable "in" as in every other city.
Unfortunately!!! Finally I cannot go to the baker and take bread or cookies without paying.

Some of our passengers mistake the trolleybus for a garbage can. They let everything possible fall and lay on the floor. Whether it concerns empty beverage containers, cans, bottles, bread or so " hygienic" articles such as used paper handkerchiefs or chewing gums. One can find everything.

Then there are also genuinely forgetful contemporaries who leave everything from the umbrella or medicines up to the freshly bought bouquet or schoolbags. These passengers have mostly luck with an according demand in the administration of the BBG Ltd. They get your things back to you.

Again different passengers, usually younger ones, have genuinely artistic talents and a large need to exange information. They cannot wait until they get to school or home. They must perpetuate their graphic small works of art or written messages immediately in the trolleybus with ballpoint pens or other writing implements on the seats, walls or other equipment's.

There are those passengers, relatively harmlessly, who place their feet on the opposite seats (with shoes naturally).

The newest trends in our area come from the large city Berlin and swash only slowly into the province.
As a passenger of Berlin buses, streetcars, undergrounds and city railways you can have a look only heavily or not to the environment. "Duds" or "glass artists" grazed the window panes of the Berlin buses, streetcars, undergrounds and city railways. Now the first trendsetters become activ also in Eberswalde. For the joy of all passengers they leave your abstract symbols permanently in-scratched in the panes of the trolleybuses and other buses.

Above all older female passengers more frequently forget that they are moving and they are affected by physical laws such as acceleration, delay, the force of gravity and centrifugal force. Or briefly said, they simply do not hold on. As a driver, one looks into the mirror, everyone is seated and one drives away. In the same instant some passengers exchange seats. They exchanges their seats when starting because of sunshine or other reasons without holding on, and is then surprised that she is roughly pushed against something, or more badly still, they fall.

Some mom's regard the mobile support (buggy) of their children as being incapable of being overturned by the motion of the trolleybus. Simply they do not hold the buggy and run through the trolleybus to the driver in order to pay. The driver's hair stands on end, and one dares to do nothing more, not to turn, not to brake and hope that everything goes well.

In the cold season there are unfortunately a number of deplorable passengers, who use the trolleybus as heat room or lounge.

Most passengers use the trolleybus however for what it is, a pollution free conveyance, because quiet, exhaustless and partially regains energy.

But as already noted above: Everything is normal; as in every other city.