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3. Depot

The depot is located at 68 Poratzstraße, Eberswalde, Germany 16225.

The depot Eberswalde was basicly renewed or newly built in the years 1990-1997 at an expenditure of 10.4 millions DM. At the depot are the following main buildings:

Map of the depot Eberswalde, Poratzstraße

In the maintenance hall the vehicles are cleaned inside and out. Here the vehicles are refueled with Diesel fuel (remember: the ÖAF-Gräf & Stift NGE 152 M17 type trolleybuses have a Diesel driven emergency driving mechanism [called emergency power generator], whereby these trolleybuses can be driven for short distances without overhead lines), and other things are completed. Here also, a check-up of the brakes, tires and lighting is performed.

The trolleybuses are parked in the parking hall.

The following takes place in the workshop hall : the repair of operational damage and deficiencies, the execution of the legally required periodic general-, braking- and exhaust gas inspections, the examination of the the tachograph, the repairing of the car body and seat pads, the oil is changed, the exchange of spare parts, and in the long run the repair of accident damages.

In the administration building are the management, the traffic management, the work council, the booking office, the commercial controlling, the personnel management/account, the administrative section of the maintenance facility as well as sanitary facilities and dining hall.

Depot with maintenance hall and new parking hall

New depot

In the glaring contrast to the new depot here still a photo of the old depot in Eberswalde, Bergerstraße

Old depot Eberswalde, Bergerstraße